Brand Package

Custom brand strategy & design for new or established businesses.

3 Weeks

What's Included:

Brand Visual Identity Assets:
  • Custom Logo Suite - Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Submark, Icon
  • Custom Brand Pattern
  • Moodboard
  • Branded Fonts (licenses sold separately)
  • Branded Colors
Brand Strategy Assets:
  • Core Values
  • Brand Positioning Statement & Mission
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ideal Client Overview
Brand Kit:
  • Includes everything listed above in a detailed manual that walks you through how to use your new brand assets.
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Custom Client Gift  
  • 2 Custom Social Media Templates + 1 Brand Launch Post

Our Process

Week 1
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Week 2
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Week 3
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Week 4
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Who Is This For?

  • You are a new business that needs a strong foundation for your brand and brand visuals that reach your clients.

  • You are an established business looking to re-brand your visuals and reevaluate the "why" behind your brand.

  • You are a purpose-driven business that needs their messaging and visuals to convey their message.

How This Works

So you've booked a project with us...what's next?
Take a look at our design process.

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Work With Us
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    Onboarding: Before we get started on your project, we will want to learn more about your brand & website. You will be sent an onboarding file with a questionnaire and other onboarding items.

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    Design Strategy Call: Next, we’ll schedule a design strategy call to discuss the answers to your brand & website questionnaire in more detail. This allows us to clarify anything we may have questions on.

  • Number 3 Icon

    Design Process: Once we have everything we need, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work on your brand + website.

  • Number 4 Icon

    Design Review: Sit back, relax, and let us explain all the details behind the brand and website designs during the review process. This is your chance to review the design, ask questions, and gain clarity on your design visuals and next steps.

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    Project Completion: After the final review has been completed, we will make the final revisions to your brand + website and have them ready to launch on their respective completion dates!

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